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If you have received SPAM that appears to be emanating from this website, we apologize. Please be informed that it is not coming from this website or Alliance Auctioneering & Equipment. The only bulk emails sent by our company are upcoming auction notices. We only send auction notices to people who  registered directly with us to receive them. We have separate email accounts from which we conduct our business and have never activated, set up, or used the email system associated with our host service provider, Earthlink. We have consulted with Earthlink and they inform us this is a problem affecting many of their clients. It is a flaw with their system and not our website, and their engineers are working to solve it. This practice by the SPAMMERS is called "spoofing," and its purpose is to make their SPAM 'appear' to be emanating from legitimate websites. If Earthlink does not solve the problem soon as they promise, we will switch to another web hosting service. Meanwhile, be assured that our website is secure and if you wish to contact us or register for email notifications for our upcoming auctions, you can do so with complete safety and confidence. Also, to insure that no "Blind Copy" SPAM can be sent from our website, all email links on the site have been disabled. If you wish to contact us via email, simply copy and paste our email address into your default mail client.

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